Cancer Open Public Lay Meeting

The Ireland East Hospital Group and the UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science invite you to
the UCD Charles Institute and the UCD Conway Institute for this importance cancer open house.

Our participants include cancer survivors and patient advocates, academic and clinical researchers,
scientists and clinicians, policy makers, charity groups and the general public. We hope that this programme will provide an opportunity to personalise your stakeholder role in the battle against cancer.

As a Cancer Survivor, you understand the myriad of clinical staff that you encounter in your journey. Perhaps what might not always be apparent is their ongoing contribution to research in the causes of your disease, the evaluation of new therapies and improvements in the quality of care.

As a member of the frontline clinical care team, you understand how cancer research is a complex, multi-disciplinary affair involving basic laboratory science, clinical trial evaluations and sophisticated characterisation technologies. This programme is an opportunity for you to meet with colleagues across the Ireland East Hospital Group and identify how we can improve outcomes for our patients.

As a laboratory scientist working in one of our multi-disciplinary research institutes, you understand the seemingly never-ending array of complex experiments and painstaking characterisations which incrementally advance our knowledge of malignancy. This is your opportunity to inspire and be inspired by cancer survivors and those who care for them.

We have put together an ambitious programme which we hope you will find informative. Please take the time to let us know how we might improve events such as this one.

Thank you for your generous participation. We look forward to working together in our fight against

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Thursday 23rd Jan
“Personalising Cancer Care”Symposium”

Friday 24th Jan
Ireland East (IE) Cancer Open House 2014-Personalising Cancer Care

Dr Amanda McCann
UCD Translational Oncology Research Group

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