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Logo designer Robert Ballagh story

“In the summer of 2010, to my great surprise, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I use the word surprise because I was never seriously ill a day in my life and certainly did not feel sick at the time, also I must admit that there was a certain degree of fear and trepidation because, like most people, I knew absolutely nothing about cancer and particularly about blood cancers.

However, once my treatment began I found myself on a steep learning curve and happily discovering how recent research and development has resulted in therapies that produce much better results than those experienced in the past. In my case, after about four months of chemotherapy, my doctor, Peter O’Gorman, was able to tell me that I was in remission. This was great news, especially since my treatment did not last too long and was not accompanied by any serious side effects.

Obviously my present good health is due, in no small part, to those involved in cancer research, so I was delighted to learn about the establishment of the Mater Institute of Research & Therapy in Dublin.

In recognition of all those who played a role in my recovery I created, together with Peter O’Gorman, a logo for the new institute. The symbol obviously references the triple spirals carved by our megalithic ancestors in the Boyne Valley, but also  hopefully relates to the complex and interrelated nature of modern genetics.

All institutes require financial support, so prompted by Peter O’Gorman, I developed the logo into a limited edition print to be sold as a fund raiser. The title of the print is “Hæmos”. The edition consists of 350 copies and is hand printed on museum quality paper with archival inks together with gold foil blocking.”

Each individual copy is signed, numbered, dated and stamped by Robert.

Get your special Robert Ballagh signed edition

Copies of the print are available at a cost of €400.00 by contacting Dr Peter O’Gorman
8 Berkely Road, Dublin 7. Tel: 01 850 0977 or email info@mirtireland.com.

Many thanks for your support.