Our Approach

Every patient’s Blood Cancer is unique to them. Despite this, throughout the world uniform treatment regimens are given to all patients with a particular Blood Cancer.

We set out to individualise Blood Cancer therapy by trying to predict at diagnosis whether a patient will respond to a specific drug.

In collaboration with the team at NICB, led by Professor Martin Clynes, we designed a predictive biomarker profile for Multiple Myeloma patients treated with Thalidomide therapy.

“By developing and patenting the first predictive thera-nostic biomarker profile in the field of Multiple Myeloma we have opened the door to personalising patient therapies to maximise patient response rates to treatment of all Blood Cancers” says Dr O’Gorman.

Similar profiles are under development for other novel therapies like Bortezomib and Lenalidomide and for a range of Blood Cancers.

Tremendous progress has been made over the past few years in treatment of multiple myeloma. However, there is still wide variation in individual response to specific therapeutic agents. If the treating hemato-oncologist had at their disposal a simple rapid test to predict response of individual patients to particular drugs, allowing us to individualise therapy in this heterogenous disease, the benefits to the patient, haematologist, the pharmaceutical industry would be considerable.