MIRT is a coming-together of practical medical practitioners and theoretical researchers – a critical mass of experience and ideas.

The Mater Institute of Research and Therapy was founded by Dr. Peter Ó Gorman, Consultant Haematologist, at the Mater University Hospital.

In his capacity as National Haematology Modality Clinical Trials Co-ordinator Dr Ó Gorman is actively promoting trials of novel therapeutic strategies for Blood Cancers.

Irish Cancer Registry data shows that Blood cancers are the fourth commonest cause of cancer-related death in this country. Dr Ó Gorman has a particular interest in Predictive Proteomics as a means of individualising Blood Cancer therapy, thereby improving outcomes for Blood Cancer patients.

“Rapid translation of scientific observation to new drug development has produced dramatic effects. For example response rates and survival of Multiple Myeloma patients have doubled in the last 3 years” says Dr Ó Gorman.

“Through our own clinical trials and research and our collaboration with Prof Ken Anderson in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University, Boston, USA, one of the leading world Blood Cancer research centres, we want to ensure that Irish patients fully benefit from advances in Blood Cancer research.”